Located just south of the village of Sharon, the Sharon Burying Ground is the final resting place of many members of the Children of Peace, who built the Sharon Temple, as well as members of other prominent local families.

David Willson, Founder of the Children of Peace along with his wife, Phoebe Titus, are buried here, as are Master Builder of the Sharon Temple, Ebenezer Doan and his wife Elizabeth Paxon.

The oldest marked graves date from 1820 and although the last burial took place in 1935, the property had already begun to appear neglected by the late 1800s. It wasn’t until 1952 that a few conscientious descendants formally organized the Sharon Burying Ground Association to assume care of the site. This organization became incorporated in 2014.

In 1995, the Sharon Burying Ground was designated under the Ontario Heritage Act as a site of historical importance.